LCC London Design Festival’s theme was Design Action. Form-mation identity emphasises the relevance of every small action towards collective perspective – It connects people with the same beliefs.


Visual identity concept designed as part of a collaborative project. Authors: Daniela di Martino, David Hlousek, Francesca Cecconi, Paloma Kałuzińska, Heybye Chen, Tina Cai


Design Action encourages staff and students to anticipate new futures in an uncertain world, questioning cultural, technological and disciplinary boundaries while confronting challenges of our time.


We designed a concept based on the collectivity and small actions that contribute to a bigger and relevant change. Pixels represent efforts that people take in order to change our world for the better.


MA Graphic Branding and Identity course

London Design Festival & University of the Arts London



With an emphasis on quality, diversity and true change-making, the Festival offers a natural fit for collaborative contributions from the Design School at LCC, which is itself driven by an ethos of building on aesthetic traditions of design practice while encouraging experimentation, critique and innovation.