Banana poster:

Poster entry for “newonce paper” magazine design challenge to create a feelgood poster during the pandemic. The poster is one of four best chosen by the magazine as part of their online exhibition.

F**k plastic

FOR/AGAINST International Poster Competition 2020


One of 3 of my entries. The poster is focused on plastic pollution and the yellow light that, will soon turn red if we do not act.

Consumer bads



The theme of 2018 was “Consume” in every meaning of the word. When I started analysing the subject I realized that one of the worst aspects of consumption is killing animals for fur.

Busieness casual 2020

FOR/AGAINST International Poster Competition 2020

Winner poster

My comment on current reality in the pandemic. The Jury from over 10 countries received more than 1300 applications from all over the world. 50 works were selected, two of which were my creation.

Line is Type



Laureate in experimental typography category