“Play with assumptions, make people look and think twice. Truth is there only to be questioned and challenged” (Kessels, 2016)

Can you expect anything from current reality and information sources? Do you question enough? Is the information that you read worth your trust and belief? RED CUBE as a brand addresses many questions in the field and tries to open the eyes of its users to invest more time and effort into their daily information consumption. This project is an investigation into the problem of skewed and manipulated information in order to help people find, learn and improve their information consumption behaviours and individual reasoning. Project was dedicated to youth, as they stuggle the most in current times.

RED CUBE believes in learning by experience, in the power of quality and re-evaluation. It plays with form and encourages its users to expect the unexpected.

Coherence of the visual identity for the brand comes from the idea of the cube. The purpose of the posters was to attract curiosity and encourage questioning. It does not reveal too much of what happens inside of the cube, as the slogan of the brand is: expect the unexpected.